The Ethical Screening Portal (ESP) is an online resource for responsible investment professionals, enabling investment managers to successfully align portfolios with their clients' values.


The portal allows you to: 



Understand ethical issues, ESG and positive impacts including the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Search and analyse companies and responsible investment funds



Review data, download client facing reports and build portfolios



Have informed conversations based on clients values or preferences



  • Interact with fund providers
  • Understand investment policies
  • Engage with clients on non-financial investment issues






Powerful search tools 

Powerful search tools enable:

  • Selection of stocks by sector or geographical region
  • Filtering by ethical issue
  • Filtering by positive theme
  • Filtering by UN Sustainable Development Goals





ESG scores

For all companies the ESG breakdown shows positive and negative scores for the environment, social and governance components, and enables comparison with the average for its sector peers. 



Research narrative

The Environment, Social and Governance data is supported by key performance indicators, and underpinned by detailed research narrative in each area. 





Clients and portfolios

The portal provides tools to enable working with clients, including ethical questionnaire analysis to produce approved/excluded lists of stocks; portfolio uploads and tools to find positive impact stocks. Work with companies for direct equity, and funds for model portfolios.




Why Ethical Screening?

  • Wealth of expertise – 20 years of operation, backed up by detailed proprietary research methodology
  • Approachable – our team of experts are happy to discuss findings in more detail
  • Flexible – we will send data in additional formats and additional information
  • Client focused – understandable narrative, explaining issues and acknowledging subjectivity







Our clients include:














Fund database 

We provide a range of bespoke ethical screening services for a number of UK based ethical funds, with UK, European, Asia-Pacific, and Global portfolios.

The data generated by our research and analysis processes covers all the traditional ethical investment issues, such as alcohol, tobacco, armaments, gambling; along with more contemporary concerns such as climate change and supply chain human rights impacts. Our data on sustainable investment themes and the UN Sustainable Development Goals enables us to help you assess and report on the positive impacts of your fund portfolios.

Our services for fund managers include:

  • Development of screening criteria
  • Bespoke research on ethical, ESG, and sustainability issues
  • Production of approved and excluded company lists
  • Development and provision of customised company profiles







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