Responsible investment has evolved rapidly over the last few years with dramatic shifts towards ESG, positive assessments and impact analysis. Despite this trend, there is still a need for the 'traditional' negative, or avoidance, approach - it is often the first and most essential step in creating a portfolio for individuals and charities.

Our research

Our core research provides global coverage including UK large, mid and small-cap companies, together with other developed markets, and emerging markets.

We currently hold information on more than 2000 companies, and we review our research annually with additional updates to cover material controversies, fines or significant positive changes.

Ethical issues are divided into a practical number of criteria on the client facing questionnaire, providing enough options without overwhelming the client with choice.


We can help you to:

  • Establish client and charity responsible investment policies 
  • Analyse company activity and practices to find ethical issues of concern
  • Produce approved and excluded lists based on practices or products which are compatible with the client's principles and ethical investment strategy





Ethical Screening Portal

Our Companies Portal provides detailed research on a wide range of ethical issues; ESG data; and sustainability assessments, including analysis of contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Funds Portal

Our database covers retail funds with a responsible investment policy, whether ethical, ESG or impact focused. Our innovative rating system enables you to cut through greenwashing and determine a fund's aims and approach.


Bespoke Services

Our experience enables us to understand and appreciate the nuances of responsible investment research and that one approach does not fit every client requirement. Therefore, we can offer bespoke services tailored to your needs.


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