We provide detailed and accurate ethical, ESG, and impact research for responsible investment funds within UK, European, and Global portfolios. We can work with existing criteria, and help develop criteria for new offerings.

Detailed insights into companies

Alongside our proprietary research processes, we provide research and screening to existing criteria definitions to enable the operation of existing responsible investment funds. We can also assist in defining criteria and policy for new funds. 

The data generated by our research and analysis processes covers all the traditional ethical investment issues, such as alcohol, tobacco, armaments, gambling; along with concerns such as climate change and supply chain human rights. Our data on sustainable investment themes and the UN Sustainable Development Goals enables us to help you assess and report on the positive impacts of your fund portfolios.

We can help you to:

  • Research ethical, ESG, and impact to your criteria definitions
  • Ensure the accuracy of your stock selection process
  • Complement existing research with detailed supporting information
  • Development responsible investment policies







Companies Portal

Our Companies Portal provides detailed research on a wide range of ethical issues; ESG data; and sustainability assessments, including analysis of contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Funds Portal

Our database covers retail funds with a responsible investment policy, whether ethical, ESG or impact focused. Our innovative rating system enables IFAs to cut through greenwashing and to determine a fund's aims and approach.


Funds Portal Sponsorship

Promote your funds to over 2,000 motivated, responsible-investment orientated advisors and investment professionals. Find out about our fund portal sponsorship.



If you are a Fund Manager with clients concerned about where their money is invested, get in touch to find out how we can help you provide ethical and sustainable investment services, and tap into the ever-growing market for responsible investment.

Fund Managers using our services include:








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