As ESG continues to evolve, investment managers and their clients are requiring more information on a company's activities before making decisions. 

Our research

Our proprietary ESG ratings and assessments are based on a robust methodology driven by key performance indicators (KPIs) on over 40 sectors. All companies are scored on approximately 200 points, and include key areas such as GHG emissions, gender pay and board composition. Positive and negative contributions are scored separately to give an accurate picture of impacts and positive steps.

Our dedicated research team ensures the information is supplied with essential metrics, supported by detailed narrative text fields providing the information needed for client conversations, and sound investment decisions.


ESG themes include:

  • Environmental Management
  • Environmentally beneficial products and services
  • Human rights policies and practices
  • Supply chain and labour standards
  • Taxation, remuneration, and board compostion 
  • Gender and diversity 
  • Many more... 




ESG scores

All companies are given an ESG score. Scores are broken down to show positive and negative scores for the separate environment, social and governance components. Sector average scores are displayed alongside the company scores to enable comparison with sector peers.




Research narrative

The Environment, Social and Governance data is supported by key performance indicators, and underpinned by detailed research narrative in each area. Company profiles include:

  • Ethical issues relating to company activities
  • Environment, Social, and Governance metrics and analysis
  • Positive themes
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals





Ethical Screening Portal

Our Companies Portal provides detailed research on a wide range of ethical issues; ESG data; and sustainability assessments, including analysis of contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Funds Portal

Our database covers retail funds with a responsible investment policy, whether ethical, ESG or impact focused. Our innovative rating system enables you to cut through greenwashing and determine a fund's aims and approach.


Bespoke Services

Our experience enables us to understand and appreciate the nuances of responsible investment research and that one approach does not fit every client requirement. Therefore, we can offer bespoke services tailored to your needs.


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