The Ethical Screening Fund Portal is a free-to-use database of UK funds that apply ethical exclusions, ESG and impact aligned investment criteria.


Free for investment professionals the portal allows you to: 



Search for responsibly managed funds using our client friendly ethical questionnaire



Use our innovative rating system to find the most suitable responsibly managed products for your clients



Identify ethical criteria to exclude or include particular activities, according to your clients' preferences



Interact with fund providers, understand investment policies and engage with clients on ethical investment issues



Why is the portal free to use? 

Supported by our sponsors

Ethical Screening is independent from the companies and funds we assess. Sponsors of the fund portal receive opportunities to promote their funds, but sponsoring does not influence our fund ratings.

We aim for complete transparency - if you have questions about our Fund Portal or fund ratings please get in touch.


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Access to over 200 responsibly managed funds

Use our integrated ethical issues questionnaire to engage with clients and filter our database for funds aligned to client or policy needs across a range of up-to-date negative and positive criteria. 

Review a fund's RI policy details with our criteria narratives and fund scorecards.

Develop client portfolios of suitable funds and be assured that your portfolios are working to the required ethical standard.



Rating at a glance

Our innovative rating system enables you to cut through greenwash and examine a fund's true aims and approach.

Differentiate being similarly promoted funds by seeing where fund providers tilt their strategies.

Use our detailed criteria reviews to discuss how thresholds, transitional stances, longer-term impacts and other ethical concerns are being met.



More than just data

Find out more about responsible investment funds from the providers. 

Engage with new content from providers outlining their technical and ideological stances on key sustainability and ethical issues to develop understanding for client meetings, ethical reviews and to orientate new RI portfolios and policies.



Keep up to date with sustainable investment policies

Receive regular communication on policy updates.

See funds respond to changing client needs and keep up-to-date with the regulatory news.

Explore our best-in-class database to find the most active and engaged providers in the market.






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The Funds Portal is a free tool for registered investment professionals