Closing the Gender Pay Gap

March 19 2024 - ,
In today’s business landscape, addressing the gender pay gap transcends moral responsibility and positions itself as a strategic imperative within environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. The synergy between companies and shareholders plays a pivotal role in spearheading initiatives towards gender equity. As a leading ESG provider, we emphasize the importance of united efforts between these stakeholders to bridge the gender pay gap, showcasing the dynamic interplay between corporate governance and investor influence for societal progress.

Actionable Steps for Companies - Driving Internal Change


  • Conduct Transparent Pay Audits: Begin with comprehensive audits to uncover pay disparities, laying the groundwork for informed strategies to tackle these inequalities. Our accompanying Intelligence Report underscores this, which reveals a median, mean pay gap favouring men by approximately 19%, highlighting the need for such audits.
  • Establish Equitable Pay Practices: Revamp compensation structures based on objective metrics like experience, responsibilities, and performance to ensure fair pay. This approach is critical in sectors identified with the lowest female representation.
  • Foster an Inclusive Culture: Cultivating an environment that cherishes diversity and inclusion at every level, particularly in leadership roles, is fundamental. The disparity in female representation among management roles, as detailed in our Intelligence Report, further stresses the importance of implementing mentorship programs for underrepresented groups.
  • Embrace Continuous Improvement and Educate: Closing the gender pay gap requires ongoing monitoring, assessment, and transparency. Regular reporting on progress, alongside bias elimination training, can promote a more inclusive workplace.
  • Set Clear, Measurable Goals: Defining specific targets for reducing the gender pay gap and benchmarking against industry standards ensures sustained focus and progress. Our report's insights illustrate the decrease in female representation across pay quartiles, urging a systematic approach to bridging this gap.


Empowering Shareholders - The Role of Investor Influence


  • Exercise Voting Rights and Engage in Constructive Dialogue: Leverage voting power to advocate for policies and board candidates championing gender equity. Our Intelligence Report sheds light on sectors and practices where shareholder influence can significantly impact equitable pay practices.
  • Support Shareholder Proposals and Advocate for Diversity: Champion proposals demanding gender pay audits and transparency. Our findings reveal that certain sectors have higher female representation among management, showcasing areas where shareholders can drive meaningful change.
  • Collaborative Efforts to Strengthen Ties for Impactful Change: Open communication and joint initiatives between companies and shareholders pave the way for significant strides in addressing the gender pay gap. Committing to public reporting and participating in awareness-raising activities further cements this partnership.


Bridging the gender pay gap is a multifaceted challenge requiring a unified approach from companies and shareholders. By taking deliberate steps and fostering collaboration, we can achieve substantial progress toward gender equity. This blog underscores our commitment as an ESG provider to championing efforts that not only aim to close the gender pay gap but also promote broader social and economic equality. We can build a more equitable and inclusive future for all employees through shared dedication and strategic actions.

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