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Latest News

Sustainable Investing

As the world of responsible investment changes, the range of questions we address evolves and expands. Propelled by emerging issues and dialogue with our clients, our research now identifies and analyses companies providing solutions to the world's biggest sustainability challenges.

We have arranged our positive analysis into 10 themes through which we identify future-focused business practices capable of addressing these key challenges:

Built Environment

- Contributing to reduction in death and injury from road traffic accidents

- Improving water resource management

- Providing sustainable and resilient infrastructure

- Reducing the environmental impact of towns and cities

Environmental Products & Services

- Improving energy efficiency

- Upgrading and improving resource-use efficiency, and cleaning industrial processes

- Promoting and strengthening sustainable business practices and technologies

- Improving processes and practices for waste and emissions management

Renewable & Alternative Energy

- Producing clean, resource-efficient energy

- Providing clean energy research, technology and services

- Upgrading technology and infrastructure to expand clean energy access and uptake

- Improving access to clean affordable energy in developing countries

Water Management

- Providing access to safe affordable drinking water and sanitation

- Improving water quality by reducing pollution and releases of untreated wastewater

- Increasing water-use efficiency

- Protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems

Health & Wellbeing

- Improving health and wellbeing

- Fighting morbidity and premature death in developing countries

- Improving access to safe, effective healthcare services including insurance

- Enabling universal access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services

Social Development & Equality

- Improving access to economic and technological resources and services

- Enabling universal access to safe, effective healthcare services

- Providing access to adequate, safe and affordable housing

- Providing access to affordable, accessible and quality education services

Food & Farming

- Improving access to safe nutritious food, particularly for the poor and vulnerable

- Contributing to sustainably increasing agricultural productivity

- Promoting sustainable fishing practices and protecting marine ecosystems

- Reducing food waste

Labour & Employment

- Commitment to paying living wages

- Combatting workplace discrimination

- Eradicating forced and child labour, modern slavery and human trafficking

- Protecting labour rights and promoting safe, secure working environments

Sustainable Economy & Finance

- Providing inclusive, affordable, accessible and quality education

- Financing and promoting sustainable business practices

- Supporting innovation to improve resource efficiency and waste management

- Investing in sustainable products, services, and practices


- Contributing to reduction in death and injury from road traffic accidents

- Providing access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport

- Transport technology and infrastructure to improve efficiency and reduce pollution

- Reducing the environmental impact of transport systems

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 the 193 member states of the United Nations agreed 17 social and environmental Sustainable Development Goals, ranging from the eradication of hunger to effective action to combat climate change, with a target to achieve these by 2030. Our sustainability analysis can highlight how company products, services and practices are contributing to the achievement of The Goals. Click here to learn more about The Goals.

For more information about our services, please contact us