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    ESG and the Scandal of Boohoo

    Following the labour rights scandal in garment factories in Leicester we examine why many ESG ratings failed to alert us to the risks...

  • 30 Jul
    Modern Slavery Revisited

    Just over a year ago we looked at the impact of the of the Modern Slavery Act. Following the recent exposure of issues around race and colonialism, we re-examine the issue of modern slavery in this new context...

  • 16 Jun
    ESG and Taxes

    In Fair Tax Week 2020, we look at the role taxes will play in the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, and as an ESG issue...

Our Research

Since 1998 we have been helping responsible investors align their investment strategies and principles by providing clarity and direction through client-focused research and analysis.

We identify both positive and negative impacts across a broad range of social, environmental and governance concerns; gathering information from a variety of sources to build an accurate profile of a company and offer a range of options for clients to access our data.

Ethical Issues

Traditional negative screening criteria covering issues including human rights abuses; environmental impacts, including fossil fuels; animal welfare; and the traditional 'sin-stock' issues of weapons, alcohol, tobacco, gambling. We also cover bespoke issues on request from our clients.

Responsibility Issues

Also known as environmental, social and governance (ESG), issues we cover include environmental management, and environmentally beneficial products and services; human rights and supply chain standards, policies and practices; taxation, remuneration and board composition; and gender and diversity.

Sustainability Issues

Our research looks for providers of solutions to the world's biggest sustainability challenges, such as renewable energy and clean tech; education; healthcare; clean water and sanitation; gender equality; and food and plastic waste.

We are independent of influence from organisations and agendas with particular social, environmental or political goals. We are not a campaigning organisation, and we do not endorse or promote a particular opinion on any ethical issue. The range of issues we look at is determined by the requirements of our clients and an objective assessment of the facts.

To discover more about our research and analysis methods, visit our Research Process page. To read more about the range of companies our research and analysis covers, visit our Geographical Coverage page.