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Ethical Screening awarded Fair Tax Mark

29 June 2018

Ethical Screening have announced that they are joining a growing list of organisations that have achieved the Fair Tax Mark, putting them alongside AMT Coffee, Lush, The Co-op, Ecology Building Society, Richer Sounds, Timpson and SSE. 

Paul Monaghan, Chief Executive, Fair Tax Mark said: "We are delighted to announce the certification of Ethical Screening during the UK's first Fair Tax Fortnight. The company has an outstanding approach to fairness and transparency, and have delivered over and above what we require to achieve the Fair Tax Mark.  

"Too often, tax makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons. There is an almost daily stream of stories of evasion and aggressive avoidance - which not only distort our economy but also undermine the opportunity for business to compete fairly. It is estimated that €600bn of corporate profits are annually shifted to tax havens, with corporate tax revenue losses globally of €200bn per year - which equates to approximately £7bn of missing revenues in the UK.

"Fair Tax Fortnight aims to celebrate businesses like Ethical Screening that seek to do the right thing and is proud to pay its fair share of corporation tax, and who overtly shuns the artificial use of tax havens and contrived tax avoidance practices."

Ethical Screening Ltd began life in 1997 and was established as an independent company in 1998. It undertakes research and analysis into those non-financial aspects of corporate activity that concern the ethical investor, and enable them to invest according to their principles.

In becoming a Fair Tax Mark business they further boost the number of Fair Tax opportunities for consumers across the UK, which includes supermarkets, banking, phone and broadband provision, coffee, travel services and pharmacies. You can find these businesses on the Fair Tax Mark Map which enables you to opt for companies paying their fair share.

Michael Head, Managing Director of Ethical Screening, said: “We are delighted to have obtained a top score and the Fair Tax Mark, as a business we have always recognised the importance of fulfilling our tax obligations fully. Our message to other businesses would be: why wouldn't you? We will be displaying our Fair Tax Mark with pride and would encourage any other like-minded businesses to apply."

For more information please visit the Fair Tax Mark website. To read more about our commitment to this issue, read our Fair Tax Statement.

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