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Cookie Policy

Ethical Screening's website uses cookies, which are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored on users' computers by their web browser, while they are browsing. If you use our website and agree to this policy, you consent to our use of cookies under the terms of this policy. To view or change your personal cookie settings, please go to our Manage Website Cookies page.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

We use the non-persistent ASP.NET_SessionId cookie to establish a unique session for each user of our website. This make our website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation, and maintaining users' access to the databases when they log in. This session cookie lasts only for the duration of the users visit, and no personal data are obtained. To read more about ASP.NET cookies visit the Microsoft Developer Network website.

Without this particular cookie our website cannot function properly and it cannot be disabled. If you do not consent to the use of this cookie, you should not use this website.

Performance Cookies

We use Google Analytics to analyse and create reports about the use of our website to help us improve the user experience by, for example, tracking which pages are the most popular. Google Analytics generates information by means of persistent cookies. The analytics cookies used by our website are:

  • _ga registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how visitors use our website and expires after 2 years.
  • _gid registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how visitors use our website and expires after 24 hours.
  • _gat is used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate and expires after 10 minutes.

Google Analytics' privacy policy is available here. To read more about analytics cookies visit the Google Analytics developer website.

Feature Cookies

Our website has a link to Twitter, and a link to our own Twitter feed embedded in in the homepage. There are 2 non-persistent cookies associated with this:

  • lang Remembers the user's selected language version of a website and lasts only for the duration of the users visit.
  • i/jot/syndication is unclassified and lasts only for the duration of the users visit.

Google Analytics also uses the non-persistent collect cookie to collect data about the visitor's device and behaviour and track the them across devices and marketing channels. This is a session cookie and lasts only for the duration of the users visit.

Blocking & Deleting Cookies

In addition to the cookie control features on this website, most browsers also allow you to block cookies and your internet browser’s help files will give you instructions on how to do this. If you do block all cookies, you will not be able to use all the features on our website, such as logging into the databases, and the functionality of many other websites will be impaired.

You can also delete cookies already stored on your computer - please refer to your internet browser’s help files for instructions on how to do this. Deleting cookies may impair the functionality of many websites.

Our Details

This website is owned and operated by Ethical & Environmental Screening Services Ltd. (trading as Ethical Screening), registered in England and Wales under registration number 3633308, and our registered office is at Formal House, 60 St. George's Place, Cheltenham, GL50 3PN.