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Our Team

Ethical Screening is run by a dedicated team with a wealth of experience in the ethical investment, environmental, social and corporate research fields.

Research Team:

Gerard Llewellyn - Head of Research

Gerard has been with Ethical Screening since it was founded in 1997. His roles include the development of our ethical screening criteria, research methods and management systems; designing and developing products and services for our individual, charity and institutional client; and day-to-day management of the business. He has previously worked as a research assistant in an environmental unit at the University of Wales, and as a researcher for Jupiter Asset Management's environmentally themed investment funds. Gerard has a BSc. (Hons) in Environmental Science and an MSc. in Environmental Impact Assessment. Gerard enjoys cycling, skiing and wine.

Matthew Ayres - Client Relationship & Research Manager

Matt re-joined Ethical Screening in 2014, having worked with us during the start-up of the company, playing a key role in the development of research and processes. His role now includes managing existing client accounts; ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of information; and development of our research and products. In addition to his previous work at Ethical Screening, Matt has worked in financial planning, both in technical roles and as a client facing adviser; and as an analyst at financial information provider Reuters. Matt has a BSc. (Hons) in Geology, an MSc. in Environmental Impact Assessment, and the CII Diploma in Financial Planning. When not at work, Matt is busy with his young family, or can be found cycling around the Cotswold hills.

Juliana Burden - Ethical Research Manager

Juliana joined Ethical Screening in 2007. Her roles include research, analysis and reporting of corporate activities for individual, charity and institutional clients; staff training; and research auditing and management. She previously worked at the Countryside Commission and in the Energy Team at Wessex Water. Special interests include access to medicines; and the extractive industries and their environmental and social impacts, with a particular interest in South America. Juliana has a BSc. (Hons) in Environmental Science; a Diploma in Advanced French from Brighton University, and a MSc. in International Development from Bath University.

Raechel Kelly - Communications Manager

Raechel joined Ethical Screening in 2008, and is now one of our senior researchers. Her roles include research, analysis and reporting of corporate activity, providing information to individual and institutional clients. As well as managing our social media presence, she produces internal and external web digests and collates CSR and SRI news from around the globe. Special interests include human rights and supply chain issues; climate change; and fossil fuel divestment. Raechel graduated with an honours degree in English Literature from University College London, and has a PGCE from Anglia Ruskin University. She has two young daughters and is passionate about women's rights, local and sustainable food, and roller-skating.

Lisa Whitaker - Operations Manager

Lisa joined Ethical Screening in 2015. Her role involves research, analysis and monitoring of corporate activities. Particular interests include climate change, gun control issues, consumer rights issues and environmental ethics and decision-making. Previously, Lisa worked as an editor for an educational publisher and spent two years working in Canberra, Australia. She holds a BA in English Language from the University of Sussex, and has recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management. Alongside work, Lisa volunteers for a local search and rescue team, and otherwise enjoys hiking, travel and cooking.

Davide Cerrato - ESG Research Manager

Davide joined Ethical Screening in 2017 to focus on the development of research on ESG and the Sustainable Development Goals. After working as a lawyer in Italy for two years, he decided to focus his career on sustainability and human rights, pursuing an LLM in International Development Law and Human Rights at Warwick University. His main interests focus on the exploitation of natural resources and the connected human rights issues, but he also has experience researching armaments and renewable energy. Alongside work, Davide enjoys triathlon training, reading and cooking.

Elina Vikmane - Individual Client Manager

Elina re-joined Ethical Screening in 2018, having previously worked for us as a Senior Researcher. Elina is responsible for coordinating and producing the ethical screens of individual client investment portfolios. Elina has also been working with our charity clients, assisting with the development of their ethical investment policies. Alongside the client work, Elina contributes to developing the research of ethical issues and updating our database of the ethical performance of companies. Elina has an MSc in Corporate Social Responsibility with Environmental Management from the University of York, and her special interests include climate change and gender equality. Outside work, Elina spends time with her young family and enjoys hiking outdoors and drinking coffee.

Elisabeth Ottosen - Senior Researcher

Elisabeth returned to Ethical Screening in 2018. Her role involves research, analysis and monitoring of corporate activities. Special interests include animal rights, supply chain issues and the social and environmental effects associated with over-consumption and population pressures. Elisabeth previously worked as a researcher in corporate governance at Manifest. Elisabeth has an MA in Sociology and Politics from the University of Edinburgh. Outside work, she enjoys running and wild camping.

Harry Oates - Researcher

Harry started working for Ethical Screening in 2018 as a Researcher. His main duties involve researching ESG practices of large public companies and analysing their performance against ESG criteria. Harry has a special interest in environmental issues, human rights and animal welfare but has also researched a range of social injustices. He has an MA in International Law, Ethics and Politics from the University of Birmingham and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Southampton. Outside of work Harry enjoys discussing philosophy, travelling and all things football.

Jim Blackstock - Researcher

Jim joined Ethical Screening in October 2018, taking on a part-time role with the research team where he is involved in reviewing the performance of companies against ESG, ethics and SDG criteria. Jim has a broad research and development background, having worked on various NGO and civil society projects overseas as well as scoping studies with institutions in the United Kingdom. Jim has an MA in Latin American Studies, and while not in the office is working towards a PhD in Latin American History at the University of Bristol. Jim also enjoys hiking, sports and all things barbecued - even when it’s raining!

Phoebe Spey - Researcher

Phoebe started working for Ethical Screening in 2019. Her role includes researching the ESG and ethical practices of large corporate companies and analysing their performance. Phoebe has a special interest in oceans, water, shipping, maritime law, human rights and animal welfare. She has an LLM in International Law from the University of Bristol and a BA in Business and Law from the University of the West of England. Outside of work, Phoebe enjoys travelling, festivals and sunsets.


Michael Head - Managing Director

Mike has worked in the financial services industry since 1982, with both investment providers and advisers. He played a key part in the establishment of Ethical Screening back in 1997, and his roles include developing new business opportunities and the existing client base; design of products and services; and day-to-day management of the business. Through his work as a financial advisor, Mike's daily contact with investors and investment managers are invaluable in keeping our services relevant to those who use them.

Matthew Ayres - Director

See above...

Gerard Llewellyn - Director

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For more information about our services, please contact us